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Making a Difference with Pat’s Kids

SIU Credit Union is a proud supporter of Pat’s Kids. Click here to hear a message from Pat Benton from Magic 95.1: Credit union Members

Donations are being accepted at any SIU Credit Union Branch Location through December 10. 100 percent of proceeds go to providing Christmas to sexually and physicall abused children in Southern Illinois.

Busy Holiday Week

It’s been a busy holiday week for SIU Credit Union. Yesterday, I delivered a truck load of food collected by credit union employees to the final collection point of the SIU Credit Union, Withers Broadcasting Holiday Food Drive. I’m told that donation levels are greater than last year. All the food collected will fill food pantries throughout Southern Illinois.

Yesterday also started our sponsorship of Pat’s Kids. For many years, SIU Credit Union has been a major sponsor of this charity that gives abused and underprivileged children a chance to have a Christmas. The stories we hear from the kids are heartbreaking. We’re happy to be a part of this wonderful charity. If you are able, please consider dropping off a check, made payable to The Poshard Foundation, at any SIU Credit Union location or mail to River Radio, attention Pat Benton, 1431 Country Aire Drive, Carterville, IL 62918.

I also made my monthly visit to the Murphysboro Illinois Youth Camp. I spent the morning talking to the inmates about budgeting, credit scores and loan interest rates. This was a good group of kids who had many intelligent questions. We compared interest rates on a car loan for a person with good credit compared to someone with poor credit. The look on their faces told me they got my message.

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