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Have summer travel plans?

If you are planning to travel out of the  area, especially outside the United States, please contact our card services department to let them know before you leave.

They just need to know your travel dates and which SIU Credit Union card(s) you will be using. This helps to protect your account from fraud and theft. And you can avoid unnecessary account disruptions triggered by unusual transactions.

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You’re Not Too Young to Build a Good Credit Score

There are all kinds of “credit”—you can take all the credit, give credit where credit is due, or earn extra credit in class.

There’s also another type of credit—financial credit—that deals with borrowing money.
You probably borrow money from friends and family. Pretty soon you might be interested in borrowing from your credit union.

Whether or not you can do that will depend on a special kind of grade. It’s called a “credit score.”

What’s a credit score?

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Money Savings Challenge for Kids

Challenge young ones to save with a savings tracker!

Savings Tracker

Save the “deposit” amount for every week for 52 weeks, and watch your savings grow!


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Considering a used luxury vehicle? Here are some tips.

Picking out a luxury car isn’t quite the same as looking for a standard car. Even more so when it is a used luxury car.

Know your options

A big consideration of luxury cars is the options and features that you desire. These are more limited with a used vehicle, but the savings are great.

Be patient and shop around

First thing’s first: decide what you want and identify your needs. This includes year, make, model, color, and options. What is the most important factor to you? For me, I want a black sportscar with dark interior.  As a young, unmarried woman without children, that fits my lifestyle. This may not work for you, however. Continue reading

Keep Passwords Strong, Secret, and Safe

Here are some helpful tips to create your new password – and to keep your account information safe:

Keep your computer and mobile devices’ content secure by maintaining strong passwords, making them secret, and keeping track of them. A compromised password could lead to identity theft or other dire consequences. A criminal could use your information to apply for credit cards or mortgages, or to make online purchases or other transactions.

The first rule of thumb for creating strong passwords is to use a different password for each of your accounts. It may be easier to keep track of just one password, but if a crook discovers that one password, he or she can access all of your accounts.

The second key to a robust password is to make it lengthy. At a minimum, your passwords should be eight digits long, and 14 digits or more is ideal. Using the greatest variety of characters possible in your passwords—letters, numbers, symbols—makes them harder to guess or uncover with malicious software.

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SIU Credit Union is closed! What do I do?

As a person that is on the go a lot, I find myself having to use alternate ATMs or services that SIU Credit Union offers quite often. Here are a few things that I like to use when I’m out of the office that may be helpful to you, you wonderful person you!

Away from home, but near a fee-free ATM!

Away from home, but near a fee-free ATM!

Shared ATM Networks & Shared Branching

I didn’t really utilize the convenience of a surcharge-free ATM until I was traveling to Orange Beach, AL, last May.

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