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Hand receiving change.Putting extra pocket change in a jar at the end of the day is one of the oldest savings tricks there is. SIU Credit Union has brought this old-fashioned way of savings into the digital age, with the Common Cents Savings Transfer Program.

What if every time you had a purchase or ATM transaction with your debit card, your financial institution automatically rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and transferred the difference into a savings account you choose?

Common Cents Savings is just that, a truly painless way to save up for anything...just by making the purchases you already make. The way it works is simple: just use your SIU Credit Union Visa Check Card that is tied to your checking account to pay for everyday purchases such as gas, groceries, dining, and we’ll round your transaction to the nearest whole dollar and transfer the extra into a savings account of your choosing.

Whether you’re gradually building a child’s savings, putting money into a holiday spending account, setting money aside for emergencies, planning a trip, or simply storing up some fun money. SIU Credit Union makes it easy to save.

To sign up for the Common Cents Savings Transfer program, simply call 618-457-3595 or stop by any of our branch locations to speak to a representative.

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