Visa® Credit Cards

Enjoy an easier way to pay. Every day.

Make all your purchases easy and secure, in person and online. Just ask for your new SIU Credit Union Visa Credit Card — and forget the hassles of cash and checks.

All SIU Credit Union Visa Credit Cards Offer:

No Annual Fee  Zero Liability (Lost or Stolen)
No Balance Transfer Fee  Visa Checkout
 Free Cash Advance  EMV Chip for Enhanced Security
Local Visa Support  25 Day Grace Period
Visa Purchase Alerts  Auto Rental Insurance



    Visa Platinum
Great for those who tend to carry a balance
1.9% APR* 6-month Introductory Rate on purchases
✓ 3.9% APR* 6-month Introductory Rate on balance transfers

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As low as 7.9% Fixed APR* after Introductory Rate



    Visa Platinum Plus
Earn valuable rewards by making everyday purchases
1.9% APR* 6-month Introductory Rate on purchases
 As low as 8.9% Fixed APR* after Introductory Rate

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Earn Scorecard Rewards that can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, or cash back



    Share Secured Visa
For those just getting started or wanting to build credit
 Credit limit secured by the funds in your Savings Account, Limits as low as $500
Available in Platinum or Platinum Plus

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Created to help you establish or rebuild credit 

Do you need dispute a SIU Credit Union Credit, Debit or ATM Card transaction? Download our Cardholder Dispute & Affidavit of Fraud form.

*Annual Percentage Rate is determined by an evaluation of the applicant’s credit history. Offer subject to credit approval. Your actual rate may vary. Introductory 1.9% APR on purchases and 3.9% APR on balance transfers and cash advances expires on your 7th statement cycle. After the promotional period ends, the standard variable APR for purchases will be applied to all remaining balance transfer amounts. Computing Balances for Purchases: Method of computing balance is based on your average daily balance.



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