Online Bill Pay

Start using your upgraded Online Bill Pay today

Managing your finances is easier than ever with Online Bill Pay from SIU Credit Union.

Your upgraded Online Bill Pay features a new home page dashboard that allows you to view payees, upcoming bills, payment history and account balances at a glance.


Plus, you can make a payment with just one click from your dashboard. Here’s
how easy it is.

Log in to your account
• Click the Bill Pay to access the home page dashboard
Find your payee
Enter the payment amount and date
Click “Submit”

If you need to add a new payee, just select the “Add a Payee” button at the top of your dashboard. 

For more information about adding payees and scheduling payments, go to the “Help” tab in your Online Bill Pay.  To learn more, watch this helpful step-by-step demo. If you have questions about your account, contact SIU Credit Union at 618-457-3595 or 800-449-7301.

How to use eBill

ImageYou can get full eBill billing statements through our Online Bill Pay!

Simplify paying your bills. Make your next payment easier by getting detailed billing information through Online Bill Pay from SIU Credit Union. You'll see each line of your statement, including balance, usage, credits and more all in your bill pay account.

Download our eBill Get Started Guide to start using the eBill feature today!

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