Preparing for the Worst

Taking care of our members

ImageSIU Credit Union has worked extensively to create a disaster preparedness plan, which we are prepared to activate during a disastrous event.  Our goal is to resume at least some level of service to our members as quickly as possible.

Members are reminded of our website, where we will post information and details should there be a disaster in our area causing disruption of credit union services (providing internet service is still available).  Also, by calling 1-800-449-7301, our members can receive voice recordings and announcements during a disaster, providing telephone service is still available.

What are fast and easy ways to take care of my finances in an emergency?

  • Online Banking allows convenient options for viewing and managing your accounts right from our website.
  • Mobile Banking gives you flexibility to manage your account directly on your cell phone.
  • Bill Pay is a convenient method for making or scheduling payments.
  • E-Statements will allow you to view your account statements any time, 24/7.
  • Q-Phone allows you to dial in, use a secured password, and find out more about your accounts.

Another convenience we offer our members is direct deposit and payroll deductions providing peace of mind should travel to an office location be disrupted during a disaster.  We also offer over 60,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide so you can get cash quickly in an emergency.

Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Cash:  Make sure you have enough cash on hand to help you through should you be displaced or have basic needs for an extended period of time.  Fill up your gas tank should you have pre-warning of an impending disaster.

Disaster Kit: Have a disaster kit for your home, auto, and office.  Carry things such as food, water, a flashlight, battery operated radio, medical necessities, and emergency contact numbers.  When making a disaster kit for your family, make sure you have enough water for each person for 3 days.  You can customize your disaster kits as much as you like, i.e. a change of clothes, toiletries, important documents, and much more.

Family Communications Plan: Sit down with your family and develop an evacuation plan.  Determine a meeting place should you get separated. Also, determine which family or friends living out of the area you will each notify to let everyone know you are safe if local communications with each other is impossible.

Helpful Phone Numbers:

EMERGENCY - Fire, Ambulance, Police                       911
Jackson County Police Department                             618-684-2177
Williamson County Police Department                       618-997-6541
Carbondale Police Department                                  618-457-3200
Ameren CIPS                                                              888-789-2477
Carbondale Water Department                                  618-549-5302
Marion Police Department                                        618-993-2124
Metropolis Police Department                                  618-524-2310
Metropolic Water Department                                     618-524-2711
Marion Water Department                                           618-993-5610
Harrisburg Police Department                                       



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